Conscious Abundance

Look around you, Spring is here, anything more beautiful than the whole world coming back to life?! Sure, I’ve got some nasty allergies, but I am so happy to see all this life, the leaves on the trees, my garden blooming and heck, even the mosquitos!! (well, only because they bring dragonflies and that I love dragonflies!)

Conscious abundance is about realizing all that surrounds you. Abundance is health, friendships, sharing beautiful moments with those you love, knowing that there is plenty more to come while just enjoying the Now. We live in a world of such abundance that if one cannot even get a glimpse of all that beauty, then perhaps it is time for an eye exam!

So many people around the world do not even have half of what you have – no food, no home, no running water, no shoes, no security, no health, you name it. Yet, many of those who live in “need”, well at least to our Western standard, have something many of us here are struggling to get. Can you guess what it is?! Yes, happiness. Simple happiness.

Happiness comes from acknowledging and being grateful for what you have, but it also stays with you much longer if you do not take it for granted (and this includes the people around you). So, take a moment here to be grateful and become conscious of the abundance around you. I hope you enjoyed this long weekend with friends and family.

Much Love.


Sunset meditation

Golden light creeps in through the kitchen blinds.

Trees swaying in the wind forming shadows on the walls.

The sun is setting, bathing me in its last rays of the day.

I enjoy this hour where everything seems to glow.

I close my eyes to meditate.

I can feel the warmth of the sun rays on my skin.

A radiant energy fills the room as I let myself Be.

Here I take the time to acknowledge this day.

The beauty and tenacity of this life, that is yet so fragile.

So many things we take for granted.

I enjoy these few minutes of stillness.

In the silence of my room, I breathe.

Like a warm embrace, the sun reaches out one last time as though to kiss me good night.

Om Shanti.

Aum Meditation

Before dawn on a rainy morning, I enter a room adorned with large open windows, overlooking the forest. As I join the others, sitting in a circle in Sukhasana, I listen to the rain in the trees feeling the subtle positive energy in the room. The air is fresh and an aroma of essential oils calms my thoughts; we begin our first group meditation.

After many minutes, whilst I perceive a growing discomfort in my hips and back, I am able to shift my focus back in, allowing myself to simply be. As our Teacher initiates the chanting of the Aum, the first sounds are merely audible. As we repeat this chant, matching our breaths, the vibratory effects are soon overwhelming. As the others continue to sign, I pause to listen and absorb the energy now filling the room.

The chant grows louder, with the many voices creating an incessant wave of sound. With freedom and creativity, some are uttering the Aum fully, while others choose to enunciate only certain parts of the sound: the harmonics are simply breathtaking. I feel a shiver running from the bottom of my spine to the top of my head and down my arms.

Soon, the rain and the wind in the trees return to the forefront of this melody, birds chirping as the last vibration of sound dissipates in the light of the day. As I slowly bring my awareness back to the room, my mind is now opened to receiving the teachings. It was beautiful.

“We only exist in this moment” ~ Guy Tardif.


Sun rays

In a crisp Spring morning breeze,

I travel to my destination.

As I glance out the window,

I gaze at the mature trees.

Everything else around forgotten,

Each leaf shown in perfect light.

As trees sway in the wind,

A few rays reach the lower branches.

Sitting calmly in the warmth of the sun,

I close my eyes soaking in every ounce of radiant energy.

Enjoy today

“There’s always something beautiful to be experienced wherever you are. Right now, look around you and select beauty as your focus.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

As you experience the passing of this day, recognize the hidden smiles and the beauty that surrounds you. Only you have the power to choose the perspective, the lens through which you wish to glance at life.

Just like the lotus flower, stretch your roots through the mud, acknowledge your True Self as you float above the water, and blossom drenched in sunlight.

May today bring you renewed happiness for seeing life as it unfolds. Namaste.

Beauty in all things

Whether we realize it or not, beauty is all around us.  Although we may think of beauty as man-made, true beauty does exist in art, in others and in our environment.  I think that part of the sorrow we sometimes feel, is pure oversight.  Unless we have lived the gray of winter for some time, we will merely notice the warmth of the sun and its radiant light.  Until we lose our health, or someone, or something, we often don’t appreciate what it is we have.

We take things for granted, including human relationships, and it is this nonchalant way of life that we have built for ourselves which is drawing us away from simple happiness.  Gretchen Rubin, in her Happiness-Project blog, suggests that we are drifting, living our lives without true enjoyment, without awareness.  We need to become more aware of our surroundings for we form an integral part of this fragile balance.  In noticing and embracing this beauty we allow ourselves, and others, to be happy.

Beauty is in all things; music, a warm breeze, a friend, a star lit sky, painting, the shadow from a full moon, the intricacy of life through each branch in a tree, the smell of fresh vegetables and fruits at a farmers market, the rhythm of a river flowing over each rock, photography, the sound of laughter, and so many more.  Perhaps you will notice that through this simple exercise of thinking about something beautiful, will emanate a feeling of peace.  And so, in those dark days, where it seems more difficult to appreciate life, remembering that this beauty exists and that we can tap into it at any time, may bring a bit more happiness to our busy lives.  Find it and embrace these thoughts and feelings.

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