Le temps fait bien les choses

“La nature ne se dépêche pas, pourtant tout s’accompli” ~ Lao Tzu

Autour de nous, nous même dans nos vies quotidiennes, au travail, à la maison, il y a souvent, et pour certains, tout le temps, ce sentiment d’empressement.

Cette citation de Lao Tzu, bien qu’elle évoque, suite à une première lecture, le besoin de ralentir, il n’est peut-être même pas question de ralentir mais plutôt, de cesser de tant vouloir se dépêcher, d’aller trop vite, bref de bousculer le temps. Elle m’amène également à penser à l’exercice de la patience et invite au lâcher prise.

Dans une société qui prise l’efficacité et l’efficience, un accès immédiat à tout en tout temps, prendre une pause et du temps pour soi-même n’est pas toujours compris. Heureusement, une conscientisation semble naître à cet égard, mais il est encore difficile de le faire alors que nous continuons de glorifier le “trop occupé”.

Je discutais de cette citation avec une amie hier et nous avions admis que celle-ci devrait plutôt se lire “…everything gets accomplished”. En y pensant davantage, la nature passive de la citation, n’utilisant pas de verbe d’action, est possiblement conçue de la sorte : la nature s’accomplie, elle ne le fait pas, cela se passe simplement.

En ramenant un regard sur notre propre vie, nous pouvons donc revoir nos impatiences et notre anticipation devant certaines situations. Je ne suis pas certaine s’il s’agit d’un élément de contrôle ou de ce besoin acquis d’être efficace, mais je remarque que le résultat de cette  impatience nous amène parfois à pousser les choses dans une direction trop rapidement.

Recherche de réponses, besoin de solutions instantanées, anxiétés, angoisses, je ne sais pas. Par contre, je crois que de laisser le cours des choses s’accomplir et se manifester de la manière dont elles le feront de toute façon et d’exercer davantage de patience dans mes démarches, me permettra de lâcher prise et de ne pas viser à m’approprier le temps.

Qu’en pensez-vous? Comment vivez-vous ceci dans vos vies? Est-ce que tout va trop vite? Ou vivez-vous plutôt en pleine synchronicité avec l’air du temps?


Between oversimplifying and overcomplicating there is balance

I think that whether or not we realise this, we are all seeking balance. Some go to extremes to find a bit of peace, while others go through peace to find the extremities of the world.

There is much to say about acceptance and finding this place where as our own Self we can finally just Be. In fact, if I might suggest, it is a fine balance between over simplification and over complication !

Caught in constant questioning and turmoil I had figured that the best way to Be, was to accept things as they were and be content with how Life was presenting itself. Only, I was not respecting Life’s course rather I was closing my eyes to what it was telling me, to what it kept offering me.

Realising this a few years down the road was destabilizing: how could it be that after finding what I thought was peace I had instead being burying my head in the sand? And knowing this now, how do I go about Life understanding that what I may see as reality may in fact be the result of the full construct of my mind wanting me to see it this way?!

Heavy eh?! I know… but I think I’ve figured it out!!

Don’t stop questionning yourself, and here I don’t mean doubting, always move in constant awareness, open to Life, open to new opportunities. Take the time to recognize what it is you feel and how it makes you feel. Trust yourself, your gut feeling but above all, know that you are worth every little bit of “it” and that who ever you choose to surround yourself with, will also see “it”.

Trust your heart. Love, feel, heal, give, receive, be compassionate. Believe that you have what it takes to be you.


Stand in Your Own Power

We all have strengths and weaknesses, we are all made of the same yet, we are so different from one another. This is who you are and this is who I am. You can never be like me and I can never be like you, so do not compare yourself to others, compare yourself to your own Self.

Living is discovering who we are, finding out what is underneath the noise and the layers. The goal is to live a life that has a goal. What is it you want to achieve for yourself? How do you want to live your life? What are the things you have always wanted to do?

Now start believing in yourself, believing that all is possible if you decide it to be so. You can have everything. Work hard, reduce this ongoing chatter, become at peace with your life and who you are. Become a true participant on this Path that is unfolding before you. Make it your own. Know that you can.

You are beautiful just as I am too. Take a deep breath. Take another look at your life. Acknowledge, assess, decide where you want to go and Stand in Your Own Power.

the top of the mountain


The Gateway to a New World

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

I am certain that many will have posted articles in reference to today’s date, 12-12-12. In hopes of reaching out to a few more, here is my take on what today brings.

We’ve heard talks of a vibrational shift, a change in the way humans conduct their relationships and the recognition that the direction we have taken so far will not get us anywhere worth going too.

I have been reading an historical essay on humanity by Chris Harman “A People’s History of the World: From the Stone Age to the New Millenium”. What I have found interesting is the fact, yes the fact, that social classes, animosity, agressiveness and the will to dominate one another are not  what many tend to call “human nature”. Until 5,000 years ago, prior to the Bronze Age, humans were living in a form of primitive communism, sharing everything, working together for the good and the survival of the community, the class system being non-existent.

It is only when we humans started to become more sedentary, with the invention of agriculture, did we start to produce more than we needed, and that this “more than we need” eventually became a source of power and greed. Soon enough, those who were the protectors of the grains became demigods, temples were built in their honor and the producing population came to their service. Wars were fought, lands destroyed and people killed all for the higher good… and still today. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

For some, today marks the closing of this period of fear and suffering. We can choose to embark on this new journey by opening our hearts, awakening our inner Self and becoming conscious of what Life is offering us, experiencing this daily gift that is given to us. Today you make the choice whether you want a future like the past or a future filled with new possibilities. Personally, I choose the latter.

May your life be filled with love, truth, respect, friendships, compassion and peace.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams

I know, easier said than done BUT a necessary evil if you are willing to strive towards your own happiness. Some people will tell you are not making sound decisions, that these things are impossible or don’t exist. It can be hard to be in this place, to trust in yourself, in your intuition but you can either try and fail or fail without even having tried.

But, as the Jack Johnson song goes, “Don’t let your dreams be dreams”, go out there and look for them. I believe there are no right or wrong decisions, simply different paths who will eventually bring you to the place you are supposed to be going… so why not make it the best ride of your life?!

In the face of discouragement you therefore have a few choices again: give up and victimize yourself abandoning this idea that you once thought was possible to achieve or, put some great tunes on, get up and friggin’ go for it! I know I make it sound overly simple but it really does comes down to this: your own will and belief that you, as small or tall, young or old, rich or poor as you are, can do this.

So be the best person you can be and follow your dreams, follow your heart and you’ll never fail. Peace.

External referencing and suffering

When we are born, we are pure and perfect, unconditioned by society, our reference points all found inwards. At a very young age, we learn that we own things and that we have to care for them, yet at the same time, we are told that we have to share our toys with others. You may agree with me there that this can get a bit confusing.

And so we grow up being told how to behave, learning to please others, making sure that what we are doing is acceptable for the rest of society. I think we can really see this conflict between the internal Self and the external references during the teenage years. While searching for who we are, we also want to distinguish ourselves from others. Is that so wrong?

I think there might be something here to explore, something here to learn. Let’s imagine this for example; you are at a party and someone asks who you are. What is the most common answer? I am so and so and I am a doctor, a school teacher, etc. But what if you were to lose your job the very next day, how would you identify yourself then?

We have become so accustomed to identifying ourselves by our titles, the things we own and the relationships we have, that we have lost touch with who we really are. My boyfriend, my house, my car, my job, these are not who you are, they do not define you, yet we let these define us. We hold on so tightly to these external references as if they were a part of us that when we lose them, we are ourselves lost.

Other than these things and relationship, and here is where it becomes more subtle, are our “wants” and our expectations. For example, if you are someone who’s received external gratification each time something was accomplished, later in life, when you find yourself in a situation where your accomplishments are not necessarily praised, you may start to blame others. The truth is, only you can truly be proud of your accomplishments, and you being proud should satisfy this “want”.

And so, by looking outside of us for encouragement, for gratification, for a “good job” pat on the back, we are only deceived and momentarily satisfied. By seeking others’ opinions and blessings about personal decisions we should make for ourselves, we are taking away our responsibility towards our own happiness, blaming others when things don’t work out.

Happiness is found inside us. There is great work, hard work to be done to face who we really are, but once we start doing so, there is no turning back. It may turn your world upside down, but it will have been worthwhile, because in the end, you will achieve such inner peace and you will make decision linking the heart to the mind and to the body, becoming whole again.

Take the time to recognize how you look to others to make you happy, how you expect certain things will be done or given to you. Notice how your material possessions seem to define you and start making steps towards releasing some of these external references. Redefine who you are by looking inside and be content, happy and satisfied by what you find for that is the only truth, the only reality. Beauty will shine from inside you and inspire others.


Being detached

In psychology, emotional detachment is often refered too as the “inability to connect”. However, in the Buddhist tradition detachment is “the determination to be free”, and that usually refers to being free of suffering. To the extent that we cling very strongly to things we want and how we want situations to unfold a certain way, we can quickly be deceived:

“Attachment is the origin, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of suffering” ~ The Dalai Lama

Detachment or rather non-attachment, is letting go of the need to control the outcome, instead placing all efforts on the task at hand. This means that if you have done all that you could do, if you did so with only the best intentions, then you must let the outcome Be. It simply is, as my dear friend Joanna would say.

To often do people do things only for the benefits it will bring them in return. There seem to be a rather scarce amount of good deeds being carried-out these days. I am not saying this pejoratively, I just don’t think that most people realise that this is how they behave. Our society is so focused on the gain, the outcome, the result, that we forget to enjoy the ride. It is simply a matter of perspective, an attitudinal shift that needs to happen.

I have been facing a difficult situation this week and I came to the realisation last night that the reasons why I was so overwhelmed and discouraged was because of my attachment to my work. I have put my best efforts into this piece of work. I did not take shortcuts, I took the time to do everything well and yet, it wasn’t enough. More than that, it was not acceptable!

And so, when I realised that the reason I was feeling so demolished was because I had been identifying emotionally with the outcome, that it was MY work that was being critiqued, I understood that I needed to detach. You’ve probably heard someone say that their work is their baby? Well that’s exactly where the problem lays.

“There is a need to dissidentify from the product of our efforts, focusing instead on rewarding the effort itself.” ~ Me!

Now that is the attitudinal shift I was talking about! Concentrate on genuine and truthful actions, always striving to put in your best effort both physically and mentally. Then, as you are satisfied with the effort, the result doesn’t seem to matter so much anymore.

“Since all things are impermanent, non-attachment is the only logical attitude one can have towards material things, our bodies, and even life itself. Clinging to the things of this world which are in constant transition is an impossible task. This is the importance of letting go.” ~ from the Art of dharma website

I invite you to read this short dissertation by Peter Morrell on the Path of non-attachment from a Buddhism perspective.

“If I am less desirous, more contented, less hateful, more loving, more peaceful, more contented, then I can die happy. That is the nature of non-attachment, a path worth cultivating.” ~ Peter Morrell


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