Pure Potentiality

Being all that you can be. Living your life to its fullest without fears – sounds a bit like an extreme sport doesn’t it?!

What do you love doing? and what are good at? Forget what your parents, your teachers, and even your friends think, what is it you like? Believing in yourself, when others do not, can be one of life’s most empowering tool. Don’t let your dreams be dreams, as Jack Johnson sings.

Aspiring to certain things in life can be a great way to motivate yourself in getting there, as long as you remain aware of reality. Grasping on to a world that does not exist, and may never exist, can bring much unnecessary pain in your life.

Some say nothing comes easy.

Although I tend to agree with this statement, I also think that we have to trust that life will unfold as it is meant to. You will get to where you need to be as long as you are ready to accept that the destination, and the path alike, may change, for the future doesn’t yet exist! Remaining truthful to yourself, embracing who you really are, will lead you to where you have to go. Don’t give up, this is your life…

So how can we start to become more aware of our true potential, our pure potentiality? Among other things, Deepak Chopra suggests silent meditation twice daily, taking time each day to commune with nature, by witnessing the intelligence of every living thing. But I think that the main element that can help us most, is non-judgement. And so, as you go about your daily life, become a witness to your actions, to your thoughts. Do not judge or compare yourself to others, as each person follows a different path.

The feeling of satisfaction that arises in the realization that all of these events, obstacles and challenges brought you exactly where you are now, can bring much peace to your life. You are here Now. This is where you should be, and it is ok. Embrace life for all it brings you, for you have never lived this moment ever before. You are great. You can do whatever you truly put your heart and mind at. Shanti.


“You complete me”

We all love hearing these words. They makes us feel alive and part of something. And when all else fails, we still have this to hold on to: we are important to someone else. But is it what this really means? Do we need to find that special someone to complete us? And if so, does this mean then that we are incomplete?


The person you are is already complete. In fact, we have everything we need inside of us to be happy, but we also have lots of fears preventing us from digging too deep. We like our comfort. And so, as grey as some days may seem, those are necessary as they allow for reflection and growth. Give yourself a chance.

Those people we love get to see who we really are as if holders of an all-access pass. We trust and open ourselves to them. We discover ourselves with their help even when it sometimes means pain. We are afraid and want to avoid pain because we are thought that it is bad or wrong to feel this way. But if we truly open our hearts to those people, friends or lovers, they will only challenge us to become our true Self.

When we say “you complete me”, what we are in fact saying is: “thank you for helping me open my eyes to who I am. I love you even more.”

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