Five-word Meditation

This morning I am sharing these with you. I wrote them at the beginning of June for myself and they became my Mantra over the weeks. In reading these over again today, I thought some of you may also appreciate them and perhaps make you reflect on your words.

Presence – by being the observer, the witness. I become present here and Now in everything that I say and do – walking, doing the dishes, making coffee, writing, breathing, talking, etc. I am also present in the sense that I am not projecting myself in the future, expecting, wishing, hoping, imagining. I am living here and Now. I am present.

Determination – by sticking with it. I follow my path, I continue moving forward, I move over and around obstacles that I face. I am determined to achieve my goal of being more happy, being Me and by not giving up. I have determination.

Courage – by keeping my eyes opened in the midst of the storm, by facing what I have come to see. I have courage to go through with my decisions, to face the conflict it may bring, leaving fears, guilt and the unknown aside. I have the courage to do what I know is necessary and I believe in myself. I have courage.

Patience – by not trying to force things to go faster than they should. In each situations, I have poise and balance and I am able to see the bigger picture. I do not jump to conclusions or make irrational, emotional decision based on fear or anger. I recognize the Ego in action, trying to hide the truth from me, trying to shield and protect itself. I have patience.

Faith – by believing that all is the way it should be. I know that Life has my back! I strongly believe that all happens for a reason : learning. I understand that to learn, I must be opened to change and not have fear to let go of the control I think I have over any situation. Instead, I simply go with the flow, letting it carry me as a stream carries a flower. I have faith.


The second Yama: Satya or non-lying

You will have noticed by now that the yamas, when translated to English, are negations. The reason for this is that they are meant to be things we will refrain from doing (restraints). The second Yama is named Satya which is translated to non-lying, meaning to be honest with yourself as with others. However, keeping in mind the first Yama, this means to speak the truth as long as it is not in the intention of being hurtful to others…

For me, being true to yourself is at the center of this Yama. We all accept too much crap, for far too long. Being honest to yourself means acknowledging how you feel and respecting that. Sometimes it may also mean that you have to let go of certain relationships in order to bring balance back to your life as you understand that these no longer serve you.

Many will challenge and place obstacles in your way, but if you dedicate yourself to being truthful, these won’t slow you down for long. Sometimes it can be hard to pursue as you are brought back to memories of the past, by the presence of others or by becoming aware of an event, but it doesn’t change the fact that this remains the past. Life is now, the reality is in the present, going back will only delay you moving forward.

Knowing the path you have to take is far much easier than walking it. By being true to yourself and to others, you invite people in your life who will also bring these qualities in their relationship with you. And once these qualities start pouring into your life, you will feel rewarded and grateful for those around you and for the perseverance you have demonstrated in being true to yourself.

So today, I am grateful for the path I have been walking as it has led me to meet amazing people. True friends also continue to fill my life with love and friendship on this journey. Be true to yourself to end this suffering. Look around you and see the few or many who really appreciate you for who you are. Namaste.


I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. In fact, I would have to say that the first encounter I had with the idea of acceptance was from a Steven Seagal movie!!! In this scene, a good-looking Chinese woman prepares a bath for the martial art warrior. Little does he know, the bathtub is filled with cold water. The reaction is instantaneous: his hands are clenched to the sides, his whole body and muscles are contracting under the physical stress, and all is thoughts are focused on getting out. Unexpectedly the woman tells him to accept the situation, to stop resisting and fighting what is… And there you have it, the spiritual portion of an extremely cheesy action film!

Acceptance as it relates to the practice of Yoga is in many ways similar to how we choose to experience our daily lives. If with every posture and movement we choose to resist and try to force our way through the practice, it will be arduous, it will feel like an unattainable goal and we will soon be discouraged. Acceptance enables us to acknowledge where we are, to stop resisting and to be satisfied with what we have accomplished. Therefore, instead of overstraining ourselves in extending or bending further, by accepting and experimenting the posture for what it is, we are eventually able to relax and find comfort in discomfort. This is what allows you to move forward.

It is important to understand that acceptance does not mean to give up. On the contrary, acceptance is quite a dynamic process. Only by knowing and accepting where we are NOW can we ever move beyond that point, otherwise, where are we starting from?

If in life we often experience dissatisfaction and regrets, perhaps it is because we haven’t realized what it is we have. We tend to look forward for the next hurdle to jump over instead of appreciating and acknowledging our accomplishments. By not taking the time to accept our situation, we are blinded by what could be when in reality we have brought ourselves to where we are now. And so, start living your life by accepting it the way it is, by understanding that, whether you like it or not, it is the way that it is. Do not label your life and your accomplishments as good or bad, simply let them be factual elements consisting in your starting point. Release. Accept. Live. Love.

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