Living in Abundance

We are so often disappointed and discouraged, thinking that it should have been us, that it was our turn to gain. Meanwhile, the longer we spend here in this thought pattern, the less we appreciate what surrounds us. This needs-based perspective slowly poisoning our Life…

Siannaphey recently wrote a beautiful post about the Law of Attraction which, put simply, is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one attracts positive or negative results. In her post, she reminds us of two simple things: 1) “There is no competition and there is no lack“, which she explains by “One person getting an opportunity does not mean that we are deprived of the opportunity for ourselves“; and, 2) “What you are seeking is also seeking you“, that you do not need to go around running trying to force things to happen since Life will unfold as it will.

Attitude is key. Contentment is the way.

Recognizing and being grateful for what you have, your friends, your family, your health, is what IS important. By being content, we acknowledge this, not taking these gifts for granted. By cultivating this attitude in more difficult times, we become able to see that we have so much. Then, any burden is easier to carry and any obstacle far less greater than we had expected it to be.

And so, today I encourage you to trust in Life again. Like the feeling of warmth from sun rays upon your skin, have confidence that there is enough for everyone. Like the vastness of the many oceans, open yourself to a world of infinite possibilities, knowing that what you truly desire will manifest itself. And similarly to our yoga practice, as we move out of savasana, that after an end, there is always a new beginning. Namaste.


The Blossoming

I wrote this Wednesday July 20th while on a Yoga Retreat/Hatha Yoga Teachers Training with the PranaShanti Yoga Centre.

Today was just a beautiful day. The warm sun rose over the water as we meditated, embracing us in its warm radiant light. There was a feeling of excitement in the air, a contagious positive energy. I really felt as though the group was now moving as one.

The comfort and sense of security that this provide us with, allowed for some to become more confident in sharing their opinions. I was surprised by the great sense of humour of some and moved by the deep feeling of connectedness of others.

Laughter, enthusiasm, open-mindedness, true expression of joy, admiration without jealousy are only some of the many things I have seen here.

As this day ends, I am left to think of all the great opportunities we can all partake to in making this world a better place. This coming together of people, this gathering of souls in a place such as this, which fosters a positive attitude and the full development of one’s unique gifts and personality, makes me reflect on how the world could be.

What a great day, you are all such wonderful and amazing people. I was honoured to spend this time with you all and I know that you will change the world, one asana at a time!

Much Love and Happiness to all. Shanti, shanti, shanti.

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