Sunset meditation

Golden light creeps in through the kitchen blinds.

Trees swaying in the wind forming shadows on the walls.

The sun is setting, bathing me in its last rays of the day.

I enjoy this hour where everything seems to glow.

I close my eyes to meditate.

I can feel the warmth of the sun rays on my skin.

A radiant energy fills the room as I let myself Be.

Here I take the time to acknowledge this day.

The beauty and tenacity of this life, that is yet so fragile.

So many things we take for granted.

I enjoy these few minutes of stillness.

In the silence of my room, I breathe.

Like a warm embrace, the sun reaches out one last time as though to kiss me good night.

Om Shanti.

Sun rays

In a crisp Spring morning breeze,

I travel to my destination.

As I glance out the window,

I gaze at the mature trees.

Everything else around forgotten,

Each leaf shown in perfect light.

As trees sway in the wind,

A few rays reach the lower branches.

Sitting calmly in the warmth of the sun,

I close my eyes soaking in every ounce of radiant energy.

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