To learn is to be

We can only be taught once we are ready to learn. Whether as a Teacher or a Student, to learn is to open our mind and let go of our inhibitions that are making us feel self-conscious, anxious in front of the unknown and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way. To do so, we need to accept that we might not know and that in fact, sometimes, we might even be wrong or that the other can actually teach us a thing or two, even when we are the Teacher.

photo yoga

Sitting comfy wearing my new Inner Fire Journey leggings teaching yoga and mindfulness to young teens and learning from them to see Life differently :)

And so, to learn and to grow, one must be ready to “listen with the intention of truly understanding”, as Nicole Charron, Peace practitioner once said. But what is meant by “truly understanding”? To understand we have to free ourselves from the grasp of the Ego, of this urge to reply and to voice our opinion. This does not mean that we no longer have an opinion but rather, that we become aware of the filters that distort our perspective developed through our upbringing, personal and cultural experiences.

By lowering our walls and our defenses, allowing ourselves to ask questions and to re-phrase what we have heard, we can start to truly understand the other. Once we are able to allow our mind to be opened to new expressions of knowledge, the ability to learn starts to emerge. We then become ready to be taught in a true manner, opening boxes in our mind that perhaps had been there all along or maybe that are now ready to be filled.

Approaching Life, our children, our partners, our friends, our co-workers, our students and even perfect strangers with this intent, will present us with a world of possibilities. We can then be taught as we are ready to learn.




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