Practicing yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner,                                                           being strong and steady while remaining comfortable in the posture.

Although these Sanskrit words define a powerful yoga practice, something to strive for and acheive in the practice, these can also apply to everyday life.

I have been removed from my own yoga practice for some time now, yet these words came to me as I biked to work this morning, following the beautiful winding path along the river, watching the fog raise from the water as the sun rose over the city. In this moment I understood these words, or more correctly, I embodied them. I am standing strong and steady yet relaxed and comfortable in this posture that is my life.

As I look inward and outward, at this moment and forward, things are clear now and I am so grateful for life and for the understanding I have gained.

There is no need to rush to get somewhere, as we have already arrived. Relaxe and enjoy this moment as many more will come. And as you move forward into your life, stay focused and strong, mindfull of your stance, confident in your every step. Advance with open arms, love and respect for others and for yourself, understanding that the future is now and that life has prevailed.

Move in perfect conscious harmony with yourself, your fears, your desires. Be confortable here, let the waves guide you and support you, don’t fight them as they will soothe you and replenish you. Feel that you can stand here in all your strength yet, with complete ease.

arbre d'automne


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