Don’t let your dreams be dreams

I know, easier said than done BUT a necessary evil if you are willing to strive towards your own happiness. Some people will tell you are not making sound decisions, that these things are impossible or don’t exist. It can be hard to be in this place, to trust in yourself, in your intuition but you can either try and fail or fail without even having tried.

But, as the Jack Johnson song goes, “Don’t let your dreams be dreams”, go out there and look for them. I believe there are no right or wrong decisions, simply different paths who will eventually bring you to the place you are supposed to be going… so why not make it the best ride of your life?!

In the face of discouragement you therefore have a few choices again: give up and victimize yourself abandoning this idea that you once thought was possible to achieve or, put some great tunes on, get up and friggin’ go for it! I know I make it sound overly simple but it really does comes down to this: your own will and belief that you, as small or tall, young or old, rich or poor as you are, can do this.

So be the best person you can be and follow your dreams, follow your heart and you’ll never fail. Peace.


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