Going with the flow

Too often do we decide to go against what it is we really want to do, claiming that we are being rational and saying that we are doing what is best for us, for our future. Perhaps it is time you stop living in the future and choose to live Now.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you only live once”. Well this is what Jivan Mukti tells us. A philosophical concept in the Hindu tradition, it has also emerge as a style of Yoga by the same name. The essence of those two Sanscrit words have the following meaning: “fully living here and now in a state of self-realization and liberation” ~ Svetasvatara Upanishad.

I realize that I have written on the subject before, but it is worth repeating because in my mind, it is a concept far more intricate and important than simply living in the present moment or the famous Carpe Diem, “seize the day”. It reminds you what Life is and what your purpose in living this life is.

And so, not only do you strive to live in the present moment, you understand and are aware that the way you choose to live this very moment is in line with your aspirations in life, with your full will to do, say and think what it is you have chosen to become. Then, as you do, liberation comes forth.

Liberation in the form of living a life that belongs to you and that you have chosen as much as possible. This is who you are and no one can change this. Liberation because you accept and embrace this life with all your heart, knowing that it is the only way to live.

So surf this wave and enjoy every moment of it. Don’t wait, don’t delay and ponder, just GO!! …and may you find what you have been seeking, the comfort, the passion, the joy. This, is my wish for you.


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