Taking one step at a time

In this crazy world of ours, we can get wound up easily without really noticing. It can sometimes feel as though we’ve embarked on a roller-coaster ride we didn’t sign up for. Our life is then turned upside down and it seems as though we always come back to the start. We are overwhelmed, filled with confusion, hoping that we’ll be able to grab to something that will slow us down.

Then again, at other moments, it may feel like we’re dragging a ball and chain, unable to shed this unbearable invisible weight. We feel stuck, everything taking so much time to fall into place. Unable to complete tasks at work or in our life, we feel like were drowning. It becomes very hard not to give up, were Running to Standstill as U2 sings it.

In either case, it can always do us some good to stop and accept. Stop thinking of the past. Stop living in the future. Stop expecting and start living your life right now as it unfolds everyday, taking one step at a time. Too often we think we’ve gotten ahead only to realize we’ve left something behind. Too often we think Life has shown us everything it has to offer when it is in fact telling us to open our eyes and our ears, that this time spent here could really be beneficial if we’d only open our minds and our hearts to it.

So let’s all go back to start, let’s get back up and put one foot in front of the other. Move with full conscious awareness, be mindful of others and yourself, believe in your importance and your talents: there is no one else like you which is why it is important that you play your role at being you. Put on some music, smile and take a deep breath, yes, it is as simple as that.

Here’s my Good night song to you: “40”.


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