Sunshine Awards!

I would like to take a moment to thank Tisha for nominating my blog for the Sunshine Award. This prize is awarded to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. Very grateful that I can inspire you and make a positive contribution in your life :)

I love being surrounded by all of you creative beings, either over the worldwide web or in person. I wish to thank my inspiration, my partner who supports and encourages me in all I do.

So, in turn, I have to nominate 10 other blogs… but I don’t know that many! So here are some of the ones I prefer (drum roll!!)

Delicate, dreamy and wonderful, my friend Njari’s blog:  Confessions of a Clairsentient

Inspiring, down to earth journey of a man’s journey into the Self:  Pilgrimage to Nowhere

Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, the real life adventures and struggles of my dear friend Janet Just A Little Off Kilter…

A funny one on the world of Yoga:  Recovering Yogi

Romantic and eclectic, Spanish writer Andréa Balt’s blog:  ReBelle Époque

So original! My friend Nico and his girlfriend Abi’s cat! Meet Pete. He’s a Cat.

Interesting food and ideas :

Katie Love Little’s Blog:  Yogi Food

A last one, not really a blog (sorry, not very good at following rules!) but my dear friend Alexandra’s website and the awesome paintings she makes:

Much Love to all.


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