Back to basics!

I’m sure many of you have heard the quote “Milk does the body good” before. Well let’s get a new one going: “Moving does the body (and the mind) good”! A healthy body makes for a healthier mind.

Almost a month has passed now since your New Year resolution. Some of you may be sticking with it, while some others gave up the next day! No worries, try again, but this time, set an intention instead of a resolution. One of my yoga student told me she finds the word resolution drastic and negative. She preferred using the idea of setting an objective.

I liked the word intention because it relates more to how you want to feel. I want to feel good in my body for example, may then be achieved in many ways. Eating well, drinking less and yes increasing the amount of physical activity we do. For many, walking 15 to 20 minutes twice a day each day of the week can be enough. Walking the dog, going out at lunch time to take a walk around the block or getting off the bus a few stops ahead.

Since the idea of this blog is to share thoughts and ideas on how we can all live a happier life, I found it relevant to encourage you to move. You will feel better about yourself, feel more confident, laugh more, have more energy and have a clearer mind if you exercise more. Exercising is a proven way to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.

For my part, I enjoy doing yoga because, not only does it provide me with physical well-being, it nourishes my mind and I have met amazing people and friends throughout my practice. We all know what we need, so put on some good music and go for it, get moving!

Consider this your swift kick in the butt!


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