Stilling the Mind and Body

Everyday, thoughts fill our mind in a chaotic back and forth, churning ideas and obsessions. We think of things we could have done better or differently. We ask ourselves why we said this while we could have said that. We live in the past or in anticipation of the future, missing out on the present. So just stop here for a moment and breathe. Just Be.

I am discovering the practice of Yin Yoga and the benefits it brings to both mind and body. As we settle into a posture, the chatter slows down, bringing our attention to our breath, bringing our gaze inward. Eventually, as the body becomes still the mind follows and allows us to experience great inner peace and calm.

As time passes, our mind is absorbed deeper into stillness, creating space in the body. With every breath we observe an increased space between each inhale and each exhale. The incessant thought process slowly coming to a halt, we now notice and experience our body in its surrounding to the rhythm of our heart beat.

The practice of Yin Yoga not only takes the stretch into our deeper connective tissues, it brings our awareness of Self, mind and body in sync, deeper into the multiple layers of thoughts. There, there is stillness. Here, there is peace. Om Shanti.


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