Food for thought

Ok, maybe not literally. Food for thought as in good food makes you feel good. And if you add good friends to the good food mix, then you certainly have a great recipe for happiness! How cheesy is this!! ;)

Fortunately, more people are becoming conscious of the importance of eating well. Some decide to do so for health reasons, while others change their eating habits out of convictions, moral and/or spiritual. The recent years has seen an increased mainstreaming of local eating habits, and for good reasons.

But back to the main idea of this post, food and happiness. “You are what you eat”, or “treat your body like a temple” are sayings that I am sure you have heard before. The fact is, the food we eat fuels our body. The quantities and the quality of the food we ingest makes a difference on our concentration level, on our health and on our overall well-being.

This is something that people really start to notice when they practice yoga because they become more in-tuned with their body. You just don’t want to feel like crap after drinking too much the night before. Food (and alcohol) affects your mood positively or negatively.

During the Fall months, this is especially important. With the lack of light, our mood can be affected. Although finding fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally can be a challenge, these will definitely help improve your mood.

So, as a friend of mine said, listen to good music, get your body moving, get outside and breathe some fresh air. Eat good food, treat your body well (do yoga!!) and I am sure you will notice an improvement in your mood.  Be well.


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