Last night I attended one of my favorite yoga class. I felt very focused and grounded throughout my practice. It was great. In fact, I hadn’t felt at peace and this calm for a while. Perhaps I had been searching for it too much. When I spoke with a friend after class, he told me: “but you just have to surrender”. He was right. The difficulty is that you cannot try to surrender or force yourself to do so, it just has to happen…

Some definitions suggest “To relinquish possession or control of” while others indicate “To give up“. Surrendering, in the sense explored here, means that you accept things and people the way they are. That you no longer choose to battle life rather, you enjoy it as it comes. Easy when life is good and everything is falling into place. Not so much when we are faced with difficult situations that are imposed upon us. Yet, I believe that we can still make a choice.

Before I explain these choices, lets take a ridiculous but concrete example. Falling snow. Some people would rather run around with a lighter melting every single snowflake then see them covering the ground. Sounds exhausting doesn’t it?! Another approach could be to stick out your tongue and catch as many snowflakes as you can! Much more fun if you ask me. Now think about the emotions that would arise, the energy that would be expanded running around melting snowflakes. And as many more fall, frustration builds and a greater feeling of lack of control mounts, leaving you to feel vulnerable and incapable, victimized and helpless…

And so, back to the choices you can make, based on Fear or based on Love.  In all life’s situations you can decide to fight against the flow and live angry and constantly disappointed or, you can see what will happen and surrender to what life is offering you. One thing for sure, I can guarantee you that you will struggle with life and have a hard time just being happy in the first scenario, while in the latter, you might just have some great moments filled with laughter, peace and happiness.

So surrender. Give up the fight. Enjoy life as it manifests itself to you. Reach out to others. Breathe. Simply Be. Namaste.


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