Embracing change

Many of us have been told: “you’ve changed a lot” or “you’re not the same person anymore”. Whether said with good intentions or not, the fact is, change is constantly happening around us and within us. To paraphrase Daviji, you are not the same person that you were when you woke up this morning, and by the time you finish reading this article, you will not be the same person that you are now.

On a physical and molecular level, our bodies are in a constant state of change and adaptation. New blood cells are generated, old tissues are being shed, we’ve taken one more breath and heard another sound. On psychological and neurological level, our brain is continuously making new neural connections, registering new information, while we continue to learn and seek to understand.

So why are people so afraid of change? You don’t believe me?! Think about those who have pointed out how much you have changed; why do you think that they are telling you this? You are disrupting their way of being, their status quo. Your relationship with them will never be the same. This change will affect them too. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it simply is. As my teacher once said: “you will never experience this moment this same way ever again” ~ Guy Tardif.

Some people hold on to “the way things were” for far too long, expecting things and people to remain the same. Some people may even feel threatened or blame others for the change they are noticing in you. The reality is that they no longer feel important to you. When a person defines himself or herself externally, meaning in relation to others, they become a victim feeling as though they owed or that you have betrayed them…

Then, sometimes, you will find people who will support you through this change. Some may even push you outside of your comfort zone and, although you may not like this very much at first, these are the situations that, should you choose to let them, will change you for ever. And once you will accept to look within you and to face these fears, these past events and people who are preventing you to grow, always bringing you back to face the same situation, only then will you recognize and understand how much they have helped you.

And so, to those who accuse you of having changed, answer them: “yes, I have, and it feels really good”. And to those who have been supporting and encouraging this change within me, I am forever grateful for your presence in my life and I love you muchly. Om Shanti.


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