A wish…

This Summer, as I attended the PranaShanti Hatha Yoga Teacher’s Training Retreat – 9 days of bliss – I picked a card for fun. It said: “My relationship are a mirror of myself. I know that whatever I create in my mind and heart will come back to me in the same measure with others” ~ from Deepak Chopra’s Manifesting Good Luck Cards. So basically, this idea of a mirror and how we project ourselves onto others in our relationships, and in the way we want to understand certain things, is what I have been thinking about. It is not always a great thing, but if we know this, perhaps we can use it to foster positive change in our lives.

During this same Retreat, this amazing artist and inspiring friend told us a story. I still remember lying on my back, feeling like a kid again. Imagining every little details of the story she had the courage to tell. Thanks again for that. As the story goes, the main character is asked to make a wish. And so, she does. She had still to face many obstacles in her life, but driven by her wish, she kept going.

So here is my wish:

I wish to be surrounded by people with great hearts, as I wish to have a greater heart.

I know and I acknowledge that I already have many of these people in my life, who share their love truly and sincerely. As the tides continue to carry me, I welcome the new travelers and cherish the constant companionship of others. Your hugs, your smiles, your words of wisdom and choice to share this life with me, make me a very lucky person in deed. Don’t tell anyone, but I think this wish is actually coming true!

Much Love.


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