The inner voice

We all hear it, whether in the form of incessant thoughts or dialogue within the mind, this inner voice seems to accompany us wherever we go. Good or bad, it is not the purpose of this post to determine so. However, bringing our awareness to these thought patterns is.

The Sanskrit word Samskara was explained to me by my Teacher as a skipping vinyl or CD. And so, just like the skipping disk, our thought-process cycles over and over, to and from the same departure point, making us feel as though we are stuck in a rut. Although these reoccurring thoughts can also be positive in nature, they are highly self-destructive when negative.

We are often told to listen to ourselves when making decisions. As much as this is true, we need to do so while being aware of our thought-process. When negative Samskara takes hold of your thought pattern, you are no longer making clear choices. Ranging from worry to fear and from greed to jealousy, negative thoughts and actions are most often the “wrong way to go”, responsible for the reoccurring pain cycle in our lives and inflicting pain onto others.

So how can we be happier and break out of this cycle?

The first step is becoming aware of the negativity, by acknowledging our actions and spoken words, even if this has to be done after the fact. This process is quite humbling, requiring patience and modesty. During this time, lets allow ourselves to make mistakes while not judging our abilities to escape this cycle. Lets apologize to others and accept our own actions for what they are – facts not emotions.

Eventually, as we become more aware of how we act and react, we start delving deeper into the thought-process, recognizing the negative thoughts as they form in our minds. Although we may not yet be able to stop ourselves from lashing out, we can acknowledge that we are becoming observers of our own mind.

Finally, comes the choice to change our path, to break out of Samskara. At this point, as the negative thoughts emerges, we are then able to catch ourselves in the process and we can make the choice right now and then, not to release it into actions, letting go of this negativity, freeing ourselves.

I would like to leave you with this excerpt from Eckhart Tolle’s book Oneness With All Life: “If in the midst of negativity you are able to realize ‘At this moment I am creating suffering for myself’ it will be enough to raise you above the limitations of conditioned egoic states and reactions. It will open up infinite possibilities which come to you when there is awareness – other vastly more intelligent ways of dealing with any situation. You will be free to let go of your unhappiness the moment you recognize it as unintelligent”.

I wish you, and I, perseverance, self-confidence and much patience in this process. Namaste.


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