Giving and Receiving

In Yoga, as with all things in life, there is a gentle balance that sustains us. When we are happy, our body is healthy and our mind is aware and accepting of its environment. However, when we are in pain, sad or angry, this subtle balance is disrupted and everything seems so much harder to enjoy.

A part of seeking happiness in our lives has to do with how well we know ourselves, bringing awareness to our inner and outer actions and reactions, in all life’s situations.

“Sometimes, when you are trying to grasp knowledge, to seek answers, it seems as thought they keep running away from you. And so you run, trying to see the answers, trying to cath them, but you can’t. But then, at that very moment where you decide to stop and remain in the stillness of your breath, sometimes what you are seeking may well just present itself” ~ Guy Tardif.

To sit and simply accept, by being opened to receiving, can sometimes be as enlightening as the rigorous practice of Yoga. In fact, at times, it is necessary to do so in order for us to regain balance.

Everything we need to know lies within us. When we are too busy running around looking for what’s missing, we keep walking straight passed it. And so, allow yourself to slow down, to observe and to feel. Let sensations fill your body without labelling them as good or bad. Take a look at yourself from the inside out; you are perfect the way you are, just let yourself be. Breathe.

Aum Shanti.


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