Random act of kindness

This morning, as I walked in an overcrowded bus with my backpack and my travel mug, a complete stranger insisted I take his seat. He said to me: “but you’re drinking your coffee”, as if this was a difficult task for which I had better sit down! And so, I thanked him kindly and sat down in his place.

Interesting how a simple demonstration of selflessness, such as this event, can be very powerful in spreading happiness. Like a chain reaction, people are suddenly made aware that random acts of kindness are still of this world and that they can choose to reach out to others as well.

Once I arrived at my destination, I started walking towards my place of work, as I usually do. I encountered a woman trying to carry her bicycle over a crunched down fence and walked over to her asking if she needed help. Through this simple gesture, she had more energy to move her bicycle along and stopped to chat with me for a short while, thanking me and telling me that the city must had recently put this new fence in place due to the festival.

Intention is key. Be kind and ready to serve others without having an agenda and Life will smile back at you. As the song goes: “we are all human, after all”, we are all seeking to be happy and loved. So let go of your barriers and lower down your sword, for no one came to this earth with the intention to harm others. Peace.


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