“I am”

I have been repeating these words randomly once or twice a day, for the last two weeks. Each time, I have been surprised and amazed at how much space it creates around me. “I am”… breathe, watch, listen, feel.

I read about this idea of saying “I am” as a way to raise self-awareness. So far, every time I have uttered these two simple words, it has had the effect of projecting me back into the present. I am suggesting that we are projected in the present, because we often tend to live in the past (our memories and grief) or in the future (our worries and expectations).

“Feeling the energy of a place can be incredibly intense… people are walking by, singing, speaking or listening, enjoying life as it unfolds. As the sound of an acoustic guitar fills the ambient air, whilst the soul is transported, it is vividly experiencing the present moment: conscious awareness.”  I wrote these thoughts at Bon Echo, an inspiring place to me.

True awareness is said to be of the present moment, the Now. It is not something we can seek or control, rather it is something that just happens and that you feel as it flows through your body. Becoming aware however, is a process by which we enable ourselves to become more and more present in the Now.

A glimpse of that awareness is empowering. A few seconds of conscious awareness at a time is sufficient to bring so much more happiness to our world. “I am”… becoming a witness to my life as it unfolds. Namaste.


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