To strive to live by

A few weeks ago I was writing about Life’s Code of Conduct. Since then, I’ve had ample time to reflect and to start thinking about my own Code of Conduct. And so, today I share with you six of the many concepts I strive to live by.

Non-judgement; Trying not to have preconceived opinions and to approach others with an open-mind, whatever they look like and whom ever they are. This also means that I will not support someone else’s imposed judgement of others. When people judge others, I find it only creates discomfort and tension in interactions. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says: “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

Honesty; I am repugnant of hypocrisy, of people who are fake and who are more concern about the image they project then the truth of their actions. In dishonesty, there is no solid base for establishing relationships, as it creates stress and fosters feelings of anger and hate. This also means to be honest with myself, to speak my mind respectfully, and to refuse to subject myself to situations I don’t feel comfortable with or to people who promote dishonesty.

Compassion; For me, this means to care for other’s well-being and to have no hesitation in lending a helping hand or providing a listening ear. It also means to see all humans as equal, all striving to live their lives, only wishing to be happy. And so, it is with compassion and an open heart that I wish to approach others.

Generosity; A very important and intricate concept to me which does not necessarily mean to give money away. Rather, it is the generosity of self, by sharing a positive attitude, and generosity of spirit, by offering my time and by listening or helping someone in need. In thinking about the Spiritual Laws of Yoga, the Law of Giving and Receiving is also very relevant here, in being able to accept gifts, compliments, help from others, and even a seat on the bus, acknowledging others’ generosity.

Respect; For the environment and for our elders, for other people’s beliefs and decisions. Respect for myself, by the food I choose to ingest, by how I treat my body and to what I subject my mind too. But all and all, it is also honoring such things as Life.

Enthusiasm; As a way of life and a general attitude in life. I admire kids for this. I enjoy life and I try not to let chores and trips to the grocery store drag me down! I wish to make the most of every moment, to see the beauty in all things, while remaining grounded to the reality of life. I like to smile.

And so, these are some of the important concepts I wish to continuously strive to live by. Of course there are many other things I could write about, but I’ll stop here for your sake! Knowing this helps me regain perspective on life when things get hard, like the anchor to a boat, or in my case, like the roots of my lotus flower. Namaste.


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