Someone recently told me that the measure of a life should be defined by how closely we feel to the lightness and freedom we once had when we chose to chase butterflies. He said, remember when we were kids and we would chase butterflies? This feeling of joy is what we should try to continue seeking. True enthusiasm for life is what we wish we could live and sometimes still glimpse through our children’s eyes as their eyes fill with butterflies.

Most of us have forgotten or brushed aside this enthusiasm for fear of being marginalized and excluded. At a young age, society tells us we should dress in black and grey and we do so in order to fit in and draw as little attention to us as we can. The result? Total annihilation. We have reduced ourselves to factory-made humans who all feel and say the same things, who all strive to look the same way, and who have put all of their Faith in material goods. We are lost, drowning in this genuine plastic world.

Enthusiasm is where creativity emerges. Life is not about catching that butterfly. Life is about running with it and enjoying every last moment of it. As unpredictable the path can be at times, confidence in what life and our loved ones have thought us is what we can trust to be guided by. And so, seek to live by values rather than material goals, choose to love rather than compete and you may find that the world will become a happier place to live in. Thanks Love.


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