Beauty in all things

Whether we realize it or not, beauty is all around us.  Although we may think of beauty as man-made, true beauty does exist in art, in others and in our environment.  I think that part of the sorrow we sometimes feel, is pure oversight.  Unless we have lived the gray of winter for some time, we will merely notice the warmth of the sun and its radiant light.  Until we lose our health, or someone, or something, we often don’t appreciate what it is we have.

We take things for granted, including human relationships, and it is this nonchalant way of life that we have built for ourselves which is drawing us away from simple happiness.  Gretchen Rubin, in her Happiness-Project blog, suggests that we are drifting, living our lives without true enjoyment, without awareness.  We need to become more aware of our surroundings for we form an integral part of this fragile balance.  In noticing and embracing this beauty we allow ourselves, and others, to be happy.

Beauty is in all things; music, a warm breeze, a friend, a star lit sky, painting, the shadow from a full moon, the intricacy of life through each branch in a tree, the smell of fresh vegetables and fruits at a farmers market, the rhythm of a river flowing over each rock, photography, the sound of laughter, and so many more.  Perhaps you will notice that through this simple exercise of thinking about something beautiful, will emanate a feeling of peace.  And so, in those dark days, where it seems more difficult to appreciate life, remembering that this beauty exists and that we can tap into it at any time, may bring a bit more happiness to our busy lives.  Find it and embrace these thoughts and feelings.


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